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McCain Would Name Andrew Cuomo To Head SEC


I was watching 60 Minutes tonight, which featured long segments with both candidates, and the following stuck out to me too…as highlighted by Politico:

Certainly knowing that it would raise eyebrows, McCain told CBS’s Scott Pelley in a “60 Minutes” interview broadcast Sunday night that he might look to New York Attorney General and former Clinton HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo to head the SEC.

“I think he is somebody who could restore some credibility, lend some bipartisanship to this effort,”
McCain said of Cuomo after being asked who he might like to see replace Chris Cox, the former Republican congressman who now heads the commission and who McCain said last week should be fired.

Reminded by Pelley that Cuomo served in the Clinton administration, McCain quickly responded: “And he did a good job and he has respect and he has prestige.”

McCain also mentioned that he would take the political affairs office out of the White House. That means no “Karl Roves” would office at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Empty gestures? Who knows, but I think it’s important that he’s making them in the wake of all of this intensely negative campaigning he’s been doing.

In other words, the old McCain is still in there somewhere…and let’s hope we see more of that then all of these foolish attacks.