“It is now 24 days since she was announced as a potential president of the United States next January and she still hasn’t given a news conference or has any plans to hold one. This black-out of all serious press access has never happened in modern American political history before.”
– Andrew Sullivan writing today in a post about Palin’s religious views on the End-Times.

For a campaign talking about reform and transparency, I’m continually amazed that they’re treating access to Palin like this. It’s completely counterintuitive because the more they do it they more folks are coming to the conclusion that McCain is scared that she won’t be able to stand up to the scrutiny.

And really…Sean Hannity? Do they not see how laughably unserious that made them look? And then Katie Couric as a followup?

I’m telling you all, they do this at their own peril. They may think they can hide her and run out the clock, but every day she hasn’t been in front of the press gauntlet is yet another day her credibility takes a body blow.

Oh well…

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