And there’s a lot of detail.

Don’t believe me? Well, in the first 4 minutes he talks about the following…

No lobbyists in the White House
People who work in an Obama administration won’t be able to work on outside lobbying projects, and will not be able to work for a lobbying firm for 2 years. Also, anybody who leaves the administration for a lobbying job will not be able to lobby the administration.

Absolute gift ban for staffers
Nothing, nada, zilch from lobbyists. It’s all gone. This is basically an extension of the ethics reform Obama passed a couple years ago with Russ Feingold.

Legislation is open and transparent
Meetings where laws are written will be open. No more secrecy. This will be a tough one, but my guess is that ultimately he’ll get his way because most Americans don’t have time to pay attention and they’ll leave it up to the hard core political junkies to sift through.

The 5 day rule
Before Obama signs anything, he’ll make that bill available online for 5 days so everybody can see what the bill contains. And important details will apparently be highlighted in some fashion so people know where the money is going if it’s a tax bill, pork barrel project, etc.

In any event, watch the whole thing and tell me what you think.

Politics Obama Outlines His Reform Agenda