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Poll: Should The Candidates Skip The Debate?


Has everybody heard that McCain has suspended his campaign to go back to Washington and wants to skip Friday’s debate? Well, if not, then go here.

Still, Obama says the debate should continue, and now SurveyUSA has a snap poll of 1,000 adults nationwide that suggests Americans agree with the Illinois senator.

Debate Or No Debate?
Debate – 50%
Change Debate To Focus On Economy – 36%
No Debate – 10%

Suspend Campaigns?
Re-Focus The Campaigns On Economy – 48%
Continue – 31%
Suspend – 14%

Cancelling Debates Good For America?
Bad – 46%
No Difference – 35%
Good – 14%

Cancelling Debates Good For McCain?
No Difference – 52%
Good – 21%
Bad – 21%

Cancelling Debates Good For Obama?
No Difference – 52%
Bad – 26%
Good – 16%

The common sense thing to do here would be to refocus the debate on the economy. That seems like it would make everybody happy.

Still, it seems like McCain is dead set on not having a debate on Friday, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what shakes out.