Yesterday, I shared a snap poll from SurveyUSA that showed public reaction to canceling the debates immediately after McCain announced he was suspending his campaign. At that time, Americans were overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the debate on Friday.

Today we have another poll from Marist University that finds Dems supporting it to go on and Repubs supporting a postponement. Yesterday both groups favored no postponement, but seeing Repubs fall in line with McCain certainly isn’t surprising.

That’s why I’m focusing on Independents, because 53% of them want to see it happen, while 40% favor postponement.

And understandably, so goes the independents, so goes the final poll results.

Marist finds that 53% of all respondents are in favor of going forward and 42% want a postponement.

Again, not nearly as wide a margin as yesterday, but if McCain is really seeking the swing vote he may want to reconsider his current “no debate” stance.

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