Obama – 49%
McCain – 46%

McCain drops another point today, and we won’t know what the fallout from him trying to cancel the debate will be yet.

Concerning the economy…

Tracking poll results are based upon nightly telephone interviews and reported on a three-day rolling average basis. The overwhelming majority of the interviews for today’s report were completed before the President’s speech last night.

However, it is worth noting that results for the past two individual nights of polling were quite a bit weaker for McCain. On a related note, investor confidence fell to a new all-time low in the Rasmussen Index this morning. New data on perceptions of the economy will be released at noon Eastern today.

The 5 day:
09/25/2008: McCain – 46%, Obama – 49%
09/24/2008: McCain – 47%, Obama – 49%
09/23/2008: McCain – 48%, Obama – 48%
09/22/2008: McCain – 47%, Obama – 48%
09/21/2008: McCain – 47%, Obama – 48%

More tomorrow…

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