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Decibel Festival Thursday Sept 26

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Shilo Urban has been giving me a crash course on the meaning of Decibel Festival. With her daily inspirational rants such as “dude! you gotta go see Jahcoozi at Neumos!” and “are you going to the after party?” I quickly became the converted.

photo by cedric ross

Here’s what went down tonight:

Picked up an all access press pass at Grey Gallery Lounge

Walked into Neumos and walked downstairs to the Green Room where I ran into the guys from (Sanchay, Bob and Matt).

Heard Tujiko Noriko and loved her!

Watched Barbara Morgenstern and danced.

Decibel Festival

Watched Jahcoozi and partied my ass off!

Waited till about 2:45 am and interviewed me and culturemob for about 2 minutes.

Then they had Shilo Urban from Culturemob interview Jahcoozi. The interview was streamed live from

Everyone went to the after party and held a birthday party for Decibel founding member Sean Horton. Something about wearing fake mustaches too…

Now I’m home and I don’t think I’m going to get to work early as planned! Take it from me. Decibel Festival is super fun and this is only the first night.