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Tie Goes To The Runner


I thought Obama was better than McCain on the economy because that first 20 minutes for McCain simply wasn’t good. He was shaky, uncertain and didn’t really convince anybody he had a good command on the topic. Also, Obama certainly made the case that McCain was tied to the failures of Bush’s economic policy, and (you heard it here first) McCain’s claim that there should be a spending freeze will come to haunt him in the coming days. Yet another Hail Mary? Perhaps.

On foreign policy, McCain hit his stride but Obama held his own. The result? They tied. McCain kept attacking Obama on his Iraq and Iran policy, but Obama scored a direct hit with his mention of McCain’s unserious “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran” comment. Also, on Afghanistan, Obama came out the winner, but only because McCain took his eye off the country and then admitted that he failed previously on his (or America’s?) 80’s Afghanistan stance. It was an honest moment, but not a good one for McCain.

The result?

I don’t think any Republicans switched tonight, but Obama reassured some Independents that he’s ready to lead on the foreign policy front. So I score this one a tie, and that means this one barely goes to Obama.

As mentioned, McCain really should have had a much clearer victory, but he didn’t. Much like the Gore/Bush debate in 2000, this could prove ultimately prove to be a big win for the supposed neophyte because McCain needed to really lay the wood to Obama’s judgement and he simply didn’t do it.

Still, there are two more debates to go and anything can happen.

Next up: VP Debate!