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McCain's Ad "McCain Is Right" Actually Hurts Him


Every post-debate poll we’ve seen so far has Obama clearly winning by double digits. Why is this? It’s not like Obama had some sort of breakout moment or McCain had a big stumble.

Well, I think it had a lot to do with what the following McCain ad points out as a weakness…

Obama disagreed with McCain many times throughout the night, but the style in which he did it matters a lot. Because what the clips in those ads don’t reveal is that Obama would engage directly with McCain, agree with him on a common point of fact, but then go on to outline why he disagreed on the policy surrounding it.

On the other hand, McCain kept on saying “He doesn’t understand” and he didn’t look at Obama once. And that last fact is actually turning into a big story today.

So what I think these polls show is that voters are yearning for a leader who can deliver that post-partisan, genial nature that can bring everybody together. And since the two candidates essentially tied on substance last night, we’re seeing voters respond to the style of the candidates…and Obama clearly beat McCain in that regard.

Long story short, McCain does himself no favors by broadcasting how likable Obama was last night.