I’m not joking…

Palin heads to McCain’s cabin in Arizona today to prepare for her Thursday debate, and while she’s there she’ll do a round of conservative talk radio interviews. […]

Rush Limbaugh, who hosts the most popular radio show in the country, noted in an e-mail that he doesn’t invite guests on and alluded to his rocky relationship with the top of the GOP ticket. “The McCain camp doesn’t trust me,” Limbaugh said. But asked if he’d welcome a call from Palin, the conservative talker said: “Of course.”

Yeah, Limbaugh is sure to give Palin a hard time. No doubt about it…

Folks, Palin has absolutely NO problem with the base. In fact, I think she could probably could have bombed her interview even more with Couric and it wouldn’t have mattered very much for the die-hard Repubs. I mean, these are the people who still love Bush and think he has done a great job.

But it’s the independents McCain has to worry about, and if the campaign really thinks a round of right-wing hyperpartisan talk radio will help Palin’s image, they’re out of their minds.

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