McCain gains one and Obama loses one to pull this one right in line with Rasmussen’s polling.

The thing to take note of isn’t necessarily the spread at this point as it is how low McCain’s numbers are. The Republican convention has proven to be an anomaly at this point, and McCain simply has trouble reaching above 45% and keeping it there. That’s a HUGE problem for the camp, but there’s little else they can do except for attack Obama and try to drive up his negatives. But Obama now has an effective platform in the next two debates to combat those perceptions.

Gallup with more on McCain’s polling weakness…

Today’s results mark the fourth straight day Obama has held a five percentage point or better lead over McCain in Gallup Poll Daily tracking, and two full weeks since McCain last had any advantage over Obama in national voter preferences.

McCain held a slim lead over Obama for several days following the Republican National Convention in early September, but that quickly evaporated with the Wall Street financial crisis that began with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on Sept. 15.

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