Nikki Sixx, a founding member and bass player of Motley Crue and member of the band Sixx AM just re-released The Heroin Diaries on Paperback. He also just released a Soundtrack to the book and has a new video out called Tomorrow.

I checked it out today! As far as rock videos goes, this is BIG! So I thought it was relevant enough to share with you all. The message associated with this book and the charity it will benefit is worth considering. Here’s the video.

YouTube Video:

Sixx AM – Tomorrow (new video)

This song is part of the Heroin Diaries Soundtrack.

The Heroin Diaries: A Year In The Life of A Shattered Rockstar (with Ian Gitting) is an account of Nikki Sixx’s…

Paranoia-filled descent into drug addiction. Co-written with rock journalist Ian Gittins, The book is a culmination of Sixx’s personal journal entries.

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A portion of the proceeds from The Herion Diaries will benefit Running Wild In The Night. A Charity devoted to helping homeless and troubled youth get off the streets

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