In addition to sabotaging our economy and putting “main street” at risk, the Republican back-benchers have also blind-sided John McCain’s campaign by keeping the bailout front and center for at least another week.

It’s clear now that the politics of the bailout is working against McCain; every day it dominates the news cycle is a bad day for the McCain camp.

With only 34 days to go, and his poll numbers sinking, McCain can’t afford another lost week.  Who knows if Congress will pass a bailout bill on Thursday, but if the House Republicans torpedo it again, it may be the last nail in McCain’s coffin.

Ironically, this might have been a different story if Mitt Romney was his running mate.  He would have been able to speak credibly with Paulson and Bernanke and the Republican leadership, and offer real insight and assistance to the negotiations.   But hindsight in 20/20 …

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