And given the current circumstances on Wall Street, my bet is he’ll get.

MarketWatch has the details…

Bloomberg announced Thursday he supports changing the term limits law to run for a third term. Observers have respected Bloomberg for restoring a sense of optimism to a post-9/11 New York City while encouraging tourists to visit, keeping crime low and bolstering the city’s finances.

Bloomberg’s biggest asset in his audacious quest is the fact that nobody else has emerged as his heir apparent. Plus, he can be seen as a soothing influence on a city that is reeling from the financial markets’ meltdown. He offers practical experience from his years of working on Wall Street. It is a great asset to be able to tell voters that you understand their economic problems and can solve them.

Earlier in the year, Bloomberg professed to be studying a run at the White House. When his term expires, he’ll need a job — and a challenge. He’d love to keep the one he has.

What do you think? Smart move? Is he setting himself up for a 2012 run for President?

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