As I suspected immediately after her convention speech, she only appeals to the base…

The 60 percent who now see Palin as insufficiently experienced to step into the presidency is steeply higher than in a Post-ABC poll after her nomination early last month. Democrats and Republicans alike are now more apt to doubt her qualifications, but the biggest shift has come among independents.

In early September, independents offered a divided verdict on Palin’s experience; now they take the negative view by about 2 to 1. Nearly two-thirds of both independent men and women in the new poll said Palin has insufficient experience to run the White House.

What’s more, I think the damage is done. She can’t recover with only 4 weeks left in this election cycle.

And contrary to the common wisdom that she’ll win the debate is she simply holds her own with Biden, I think she needs to clearly demonstrate that those interviews were complete and utter flukes in order to “win” anything.

Romney or Pawlenty would have been much better picks…especially Romney. I mean, can you imagine how Mitt would handle the economic crisis right now? He would have already had five press conferences and been on every single news show that would let him on. And that would have been a serious problem for Obama. Hindsight, hindsight…

And on a side note, I think the GOP ticket in 2012 will be Romney/Pawlenty. Romney will brand himself as the new conservative standard bearer in the mold of Reagan and he’ll use the “Sam’s Club Conservative” line that Pawlenty pioneered to win the nomination. Also, he’ll try to frame Obama as an out-of-touch Jimmy Carter liberal who doesn’t understand the needs of the common folk.

You heard it here first.

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