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Another Conservative Throws Palin Overboard

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Daniel Larison tears his fellow conservatives a new one over Palin, but ultimately it’s for their own good…

I … implore conservatives to stop ignoring reality just because they happen to like a candidate’s personality and biography. Besides being bad for the quality of conservative thought, it embraces the caricature that conservatives are indifferent to knowledge and have no use for expertise, which has become an all too legitimate critique of how conservatives have responded to the misrule of the Bush administration.

That was not always the case, but if conservatives insist on making elaborate arguments that understanding and knowledge are not significant criteria when choosing our top elected officials they will lose whatever credibility they may still have.

More than that, they will be crippled by their embrace of cheerful ignorance when it comes time to oppose the policies of the Democratic administration that is surely about to be elected.

Listen, if Obama had picked somebody like Palin, the right-wing would be shouting “Treason!” and I think many beltway conservatives know that. Which is why they’re running so quickly from the Governor…because they’ve had it with being loyal just for loyalty’s sake.

Because while winning is important, folks like Larison realize that they need to reassert the seriousness of the conservative ideology or face the demise of its viability on the national political stage.

So then…who will be that messenger in 2012?