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Gallup: Obama Up By 7


McCain gains one today, and Obama holds steady at the 50% mark. And with each day that McCain doesn’t seriously close the gap, the road gets tougher and tougher. It’s becoming like the primaries where Hillary had to win a bigger and bigger percentage of the delegates in each contest, but instead Obama simply ran out the clock.

Did the Veep debate have any effect?

Gallup thinks perhaps…

The race has been slightly closer on both of these two individual days (Oct. 3-4) than the previous two days. Obama held particularly large leads over McCain from Oct. 1-2, possibly resulting from Americans’ focus on the Wall Street financial crisis and congressional rescue plan dominating the news at that time. Since then, support for Obama has remained about the same, at the 49% to 50% level, while support for McCain has increased slightly, with an associated decline in the percentage of undecided voters.

Monday’s report will be the first based entirely on interviews conducted after the vice presidential faceoff and, as such, will be an important indicator of whether Palin’s debate performance and, or any possible easing of public anxiety over the rescue package since Friday, may have benefited the Republican ticket.

More tomorrow…