Well how about that? First Todd Palin agrees to testify and now her team jumps on board.

In any event, while I think the delay was a strategic move, I’m happy Palin and her staff are finally cooperating.

From CNN:

The seven, including Palin’s chief of staff, had tried to fight subpoenas issued by the state Senate Judiciary Committee.

But an Anchorage judge upheld the subpoenas Thursday, and Alaska Attorney General Talis Colberg, whose department challenged the authority of the subpoenas, notified the committee Sunday that the seven would give statements after all.

“Despite my initial concerns about the subpoenas, we respect the court’s decision to defer to the legislature,” Colberg said in a statement.

Colberg said his department was working with Judiciary Committee Chairman Hollis French to arrange the testimony.

“We’re still working out the details,” said French.

This is the type of transparency you expect from a “Reformer” candidate, so this can only help Palin’s brand in the long run. Well, unless one of the staffers drops some massive bombshell.

Also of note, the above story does state that Todd may not be testifying now, even though an earlier story from the AP said he would.

More on that as it develops…

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