5 days ago I did this same post, and since Obama’s national polling lead is holding steady, I thought I’d run the numbers again to see if there was any lift in his direction.

There is. Not only that, McCain has lost ground.

Five Thirty Eight: Obama 339.2, McCain 198.8

Electoral-Vote.com: Obama 329, McCain 194, Ties 15

Real Clear Politics: Obama 364, McCain 174

Pollster: Obama 296, McCain 163, Ties 79

Electoral Projection Averages: Obama 340.4, McCain 197.6

Of note, I do account for the ties here and split them evenly between the candidates, even though that may not be an accurate representation of how the actual electoral votes would be allocated.

In any event, these are the numbers last week…

Electoral Projection Averages: Obama 327, McCain 201

Also last week, this is what I predicted would happen given McCain’s bleak electoral outlook…

As mentioned previously, you can bet the McCain camp is seeing these numbers and preparing a barrage of negative ads to drive up Obama’s negatives. The only issue with this is Obama has the debate platform to combat this and help reassure voters he’s not the bogeyman that McCain is trying to make him out to be.

Looks like that held true and you can expect more to follow.

More next week.

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