I wouldn’t usually write about this, but A) Hugh McColl, Jr. sounds like he has to be a fiscal conservative if he’s a banker and B) Bank of America appears to be one of those banks that’s apparently extremely well-managed and is weathering this crisis because of it.

What’s more, this editorial is in the Charlotte Observer…a North Carolina paper

In 49 years of living in Charlotte, I’ve seldom offered my opinion in writing and never submitted a piece such as this. The condition of our country compels me.

The economic disarray threatening our community and nation poses critical challenges but also presents opportunity. We can observe the presidential candidates in the crucible of crisis.

Only one of them demonstrates the needed intellect, fortitude and temperament. That is why I have decided to publicly support Barack Obama.

What is needed in Washington is sound judgment and exceptional leadership. Through the years that I’ve been a businessman and before that an officer in the Marine Corps, I saw what qualities make effective leaders. I see them in Obama: a sharp intellect, stiff spine and steady hand.

With more editorials like this, the Tar Heel State may indeed turn blue.

Business Former Bank Of America CEO Endorses Obama