Now Rasmussen and Gallup show the exact same spread, albeit it with different numbers. And McCain can’t like that he is now back down to 42%. He just can’t get a break.

The only bright spot in this is that Obama still hasn’t gone over the 50% mark yet, so McCain could still get all the remaining voters, but that’s obviously HIGHLY unlikely.

By the way, on the day of the debate Obama led by 5 points. Since then he has gained 3 points. Palin didn’t win, and the polling clearly reflects this…

This ten-day stretch of a significant Obama lead is the longest since he became the presumptive nominee back in early June, and the longest for either candidate at any point in the campaign.

Today’s result includes interviewing conducted Friday through Sunday, after the Oct. 2 vice presidential debate between Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden, and after Friday’s passage of a revised economic rescue plan to help alleviate the Wall Street financial crisis.

More tomorrow.

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