McCain, thankfully, takes the high road.

The reason I say “thankfully” is that this signals that he’ll most likely not bring up Ayers during the debate. But that reality obviously remains to be seen.

Palin on the other hand…

Yes, I know it’s a VP’s job to be the attack dog, but she has to know that this stuff is DESTROYING her reputation with Independents. Because she doesn’t just sound like a typical politician, she sounds like an incredibly hacky one.

And here’s the thing…this really seems to be all they have. And I can’t help but think voters will ultimately dismiss this stuff since it is so weak and tangential.

Given the depth of these charges, it’ll be interesting to see how all this effects the discussion tomorrow night. My thinking is that McCain wants to stay FAR away from this stump speech fodder, otherwise Obama will unleash the Keating Five scandal on the voting public, which I think has the potential to make McCain seem even less credible as the leader to pull us out of this economic tailspin.

We shall see…

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