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CBS Snap Debate Poll: Obama 39%, McCain 27%


These numbers look a lot like CBS’ numbers on the first debate, where Obama won by 13%.

Here are the numbers from a poll of 500 uncommitted voters…

  • How did the debate impact vote preferences?
    15% say they are now committed to Obama
    14% to McCain
    70% are still uncommitted
  • Would make the right decisions about the economy?
    McCain: 41% before the debate, 49% after
    Obama: 54% before the debate, 68% after
  • Understands your needs?
    McCain: 35% before the debate, 46% after
    Obama: 60% before the debate, 80% after
  • Prepared for the job of president?
    McCain: 80% before the debate, 84% after
    Obama: 42% before the debate, 57% after
  • Did candidates answer the questions they were asked?
    57% yes, 42% no — for both candidates

Obama continues to dominate the “economic” and “understands my needs” categories.

He will win this election.

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