Well, he finally broke the 50% barrier to vault into a fairly commanding lead at this late in the race. And with Rasmussen showing a steady 8 point advantage for Obama, I think one has to wonder if even a big gaffe or a late reveal can sink Obama’s ship.

Because let’s remember, even though Gore uncovered that drunk driving charge about Bush, Bush still won…albeit barely. And that race was MUCH tighter down the stretch than this one was. Also, there was absolutely ZERO passion for Gore from the Dem base.

The details…

The nine percentage point lead in Oct. 4-6 tracking matches Obama’s highest to date for the campaign, and the highest for either candidate. Obama led McCain by 49% to 40% near the tail end of his international trip in late July.

Obama has now held a statistically significant lead since Sept. 24-26 polling and has not trailed McCain since Sept. 13-15, roughly coinciding with the intensification of the financial crisis.

More tomorrow…

Politics Gallup: Obama Up By 9