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Obama Didn't Win. McCain Lost.


When historians look back on this election, I actually think that this debate will prove to be an important opportunity missed by McCain. Tonight he had to “take the gloves off” and he didn’t even come close.

I was talking to a coworker today about the election and tonight’s debate, and I put it this way. Obama is now at the 10 yard line and about to score, and tonight McCain needed to trip him up. The only problem? Tonight’s format really prevented him from going really negative and bring up something like Ayers or Rezko or Wright. So all McCain could hope for was Obama to trip up on his own. He didn’t. In fact, Obama held his own quite well in a format that was supposed to be McCain’s strength. And he counterpunched much more effectively than McCain too.

So from here on in it’s relatively smooth sailing for Obama. Sure, there’s another debate to go, but the Ayers story will die because McCain provided no oxygen tonight, and that’s all the Arizona Senator had left.

It’s over folks.