Looks like breaking his pledge to take public financing is working out better than expected.

From First Read:

Interviewed on MSNBC, Obama strategist David Axelrod revealed that 4 million individuals have now donated to the Obama camp.

That’s up from 2.5 million last month, meaning — if our math is correct — that 1.5 million new people gave money to Obama. So how big will Obama’s September fundraising haul be? It looks like it might be BIG. Will it top the 100-million mark? (1.5 million new donors at 100 a pop… Well, you get the math.)

This all perhaps explains how Obama outspent McCain by a nearly 3-to-1 margin last week, per data from the Wisconsin Advertising Project.

We still don’t know what Obama’s haul for September is, but with those new donor numbers it has to be a record. But 100 million? Well, that would be intense, but I think it’s unlikely. My guess is more like $75M, which is still massive.

What’s more, with 4 million donors now in his database, Barack Obama is now hands down the most powerful Democrat in the country. And if he wins the election, which is seemingly 90% sure at this point, he will have built a structural advantage for a Democratic majority for years to come.

Maybe all that time as a community organizer was more useful than people originally thought.

Business Obama Adds 1.5 Million New Donors In 1 Month