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Quote Of The Day


“Those who press this Ayers line of attack are whipping Republicans and conservatives into a fury that is going to be very hard to calm after November. Is it really wise to send conservatives into opposition in a mood of disdain and fury for the next president, incidentally the first African-American president? Anger is a very bad political adviser. It can isolate us and push us to the extremes at exactly the moment when we ought to be rebuilding, rethinking, regrouping and recruiting.”
David Frum in a column at NRO today

As the author of Bush’s infamous “Axis of Evil” line, Frum is keenly aware of the appropriate framing. And Bush was able to ride that frame to a two term presidency.

So no doubt Frum sees that the next 2 years will be incredibly bad for the Republican brand and they do themselves no favors by pushing the “Obama is a terrorist’s best friend” meme. It was a dog from the beginning and it continues to get increasingly absurd with each utterance.

Long story short, Frum doesn’t want to give Obama the firepower for a cake walk in 2012.

Conservatives take note.