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Gallup: Obama Maintains 11 Point Lead


While Rasmussen shows the race tightening the past couple days, Gallup has done nothing but trend up. Who’s right? My guess is it’s probably closer to Rasmussen’s 5 point lead, but given the likelihood of increased turnout this election, I’d say Obama is probably closer to 7 points ahead of McCain right now.

The details…

These results, based on Oct. 6-8 polling, include one day of interviewing after Tuesday’s debate in Nashville and come amid continuing consumer anxiety about the economy. Several of Gallup’s economic tracking measures are as negative as has been measured at any time since daily tracking began this year.

Signifying a general stability in the race, Obama has maintained a share of the vote between 48% and 52% over the last two weeks, while McCain’s share during that same time period has been between 41% and 45%. The next and final presidential debate will be held Wednesday, Oct. 15 at Hofstra University in New York.

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