Four polls so far and four big wins for Obama.

Here are two more…

USA Today:
Obama 56%
McCain 23%

While 53% of the 735 people surveyed said their opinions of Obama had not changed, 34% said they thought more favorably of him and 12% viewed him less favorably. All 735 said they had watched the debate.

The reactions to McCain were almost mirror opposites: 54% said their opinions about him had not changed, 33% felt less favorable and 12% felt more favorable.

Obama 45%
McCain 28%

Only 10% of voters in the new survey say they did not watch any of the debate Tuesday night. Fifty-five percent (55%) say they watched all of it.

Among those who watched all of the debate, Obama won even more decisively 57% to 29%.

Both men and women declared Obama the winner of the second debate – male voters by 10 points, women by 22.

What else to say? He’s two for two.

Now, onto next Wednesday!

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