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Courts Legalize Same-Sex Marriage in Connecticut


Same-sex marriage is now legal in Connecticut by decree of the state’s supreme court.

Once again, a matter that should be decided through the democratic process is usurped by the courts.

What’s really unfortunate is that Connecticut was the first state to allow civil unions not because of a court order, but because of a law passed by the state government. With enough time and effort, Connecticut could have become the first state to legalize same-sex marriage in a democratic manner.

I do not place all the blame on the courts. They have the right to interpret the law and certainly people of good conscience can disagree on such interpretations. What really irritates me is politicians who support civil unions but oppose gay marriage. That’s political expedience boarding on cowardice.

During the Vice Presidential debate, when Joe Biden affirmed his and Barack Obama’s opposition to gay marriage, I thought I heard chickens bawking in the background. I don’t for a minute believe politicians like Obama and Biden have a moral problem with gay marriage but are just fine with civil unions and homosexuality in general.

If they and other elected officials had the courage to fight for same-sex marriage in the court of public opinion, we might not see so many courts of law preemptively deciding the matter.