Obama – 50%
McCain – 45%

The numbers stay the same, but as the numbers suggest…it’s all about the economy…

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As economic issues dominate, 66% now believe the U.S. economy is in a recession, up eight points from a month ago. Just 8% rate the economy as good or excellent while 66% say it’s in poor shape. Six percent (6%) say economic conditions are getting better while 78% say they are getting worse. The Rasmussen Consumer Index shows both consumer and investor confidence has fallen to new all-time lows.

Among voters who consider economic issues to be the most important voting issue, Obama leads 65% to 31%. Among all other voters, McCain leads 60% to 36%. It is hard to overstate the impact of the recent economic crisis on Election 2008. Prior to the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the recent Wall Street meltdown, McCain held a very modest lead over Obama nationwide.

Only 9% of voters now believe the United States is heading in the right direction while 88% say the nation has gotten off on the wrong track.

The 5 day:
10/10/2008: McCain – 45%, Obama – 50%
10/09/2008: McCain – 45%, Obama – 50%
10/08/2008: McCain – 45%, Obama – 51%
10/07/2008: McCain – 44%, Obama – 52%
10/06/2008: McCain – 44%, Obama – 52%

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