Yes, one of the top conservative blogs is still pushing the idea that Obama is a foreigner because he won’t respond to a frivolous lawsuit being pushed by a disgruntled Clinton supporter.

The post sums up with this:

I repeat, what is it that Obama and the Democratic National Committee are trying to hide? If Obama can post his birth certificate on his website why can’t he provide it to the court?

Well, for the same reason that the McCain campaign didn’t respond to the “Panama Canal” citizenship argument that this post even cites…

Last month a federal judge threw out a lawsuit seeking to remove John McCain from the California ballot because he was born in the Panama Canal Zone.[…]

Instead of producing records proving Obama is a natural born citizen, Obama and the Democratic National Committee have filed a motion seeking a protective order to block production of documents until a motion to dismiss is the law suit is ruled on by the court. Obama and the Democratic National Committee also claim attorney Berg has no standing – has no right – to bring the lawsuit.

So on one hand it was okay for the McCain camp to think of the lawsuit against them as frivolous, but the same isn’t okay for Obama?

Moving on…

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