Remember that woman who stood up at a recent McCain rally and claimed Obama is an arab? Thankfully McCain quickly corrected her, but as the following interview that was conducted directly after the event shows, she still believes Obama is an arab.

What’s even more disconcerting is it appears as if she’s sending letters that states this belief and making calls to voters using McCain campaign resources.


Here’s the part of the interview that we should all be concerned about…

Adam Aigner:
So even though Senator McCain told you that he didn’t feel that was true and you ought to be more respectful, you still fear that?

Gayle Quinnell:
I still do. Yeah. I’m not alone. I go to Burnsville, the main Republican headquarters and I do a lot of work over there. A lot of sending out mail and talking to people. And all the people agree with what I’m saying to you about Obama.

Then do you feel there are a lot of volunteers for McCain who feel that way?

Yes. A lot of them. In fact I got a letter from another woman that goes over there to Burnsville and she sent me more things about Obama.

What was on the letter?

Oh all kinds of bad things about him and how, I mean I have to tell you to call me. It’s all bad.

Are a lot of people getting this letter and are a lot of people believeing it and is that turning a lot of votes or support for McCain?

Yeah I sent out 400 letters. I went to Kinkos and I got them all printed out. And I sent about 400 letters. I went in the telephone book and sent them out to people. So they can decide if they would want Obama.

Mix that with videos like the one over at this post, and we’re not just seeing isolated events here and there. This is a pattern.

I mean, hell, my grandfather is a DEVOTED Democrat, but he still thinks Obama could be a muslim. Folks, he won’t believe me or his own wife. That’s how deep this stuff goes.

This is a serious problem and if we pretend like it’s not happening or it doesn’t exist we’re doing a disservice to the truth.

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