For homegrown innovation in collaborative performing arts, one can turn with confidence to Seattle’s Degenerate Art Ensemble. Their latest, Silvering Path is up through this weekend at the intriguing experiment in urban reclamation, Free Sheep Foundation.

Ninjas attack the Weeble Wobble – a dreamer (as vividly expressed in the video work of Leo Mayberry) wearing a fantastic musical dress (made by Anna Lange and Circus Contraption’s Colin Ernst). The foes have a wonderfully percussive battle. See below for a glimpse of the dress being tested out.

Next we watch the beautiful, seemingly circuitous relationship between the sower and the slug princess in a film by Ian Lucero featuring the fiber work of Mandy Greer (whose work was shown this summer at the Bellevue Art Museum).

And finally we meet the slug princess in person (donning Greer’s impressive work) and learn a bit more about her in a dance solo by Haruko Nishimura with live music by Jeffrey Huston and Joshua Kohl.

The show was unique and wonderful, so hurry out to see it. Pick up your tickets before hand, too, as it has sold out every night so far. Finally, be prepared to imbibe as there are very distinctive cocktails to be experienced as well.

Here’s that weeble wobble dress test footage:

Weeble Wobble 4 from joshua kohl on Vimeo.

Culture Catch it while you can: DAE’s Silvering Path