From Huff Post:

One official close to the campaign said that September’s fundraising haul set a new record, surpassing the $66 million Obama raised in August. Another aide, asked about the campaign’s take, would only describe it: “big.”

So let’s look at his fundraising for the past several months.

In June he took in $52M.

July’s total was $51M.

August was $66M.

So why was August so much more lucrative than June or July? Two words: Sarah Palin.

She came on the scene and Obama raised $10M in a matter of 24 hours.

Still, Obama’s poll numbers fell for a short time. What do candidates do when they’re slipping behind in the polls? Ask for more money.

Then Palin had those terrible interviews. What do candidates do when their opponents stumble so badly? Ask for more money.

That’s why my guess for September is $85M. The difference between June/July’s number and August is roughly $14.5M. Add that to August’s total and you get $80.5M. And I figure Palin’s gaffes were good for another $4.5M at least.

What’s your prediction?

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