He resigned from the National Review today after readers literally revolted.

Now he goes on Hardball to tell us more…

I think the thing that Buckley doesn’t get is how much NR has changed. But I’ve only been following them for five years now, so maybe I’m missing something. In fact, the way some folks talk wistfully about it, I’m sure the best years of that magazine were certainly something to behold. No longer.

I found it interesting that Buckley judged Obama not just by his political talents, but also his books. And, By the way, I didn’t even put two and two together that he was the guy behind Thank You For Smoking, so Buckley knows a good writer when he reads it.

And I think you’ll find a lot of conservatives starting to look at guys like Buckley, who seem completely reasonable, and think, “Hmmm.”

Or as I said in July, as cited by Andrew Sullivan…

Is this prediction holding true?

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