McCain gains one today among registered voters, but Obama holds steady at that 51% mark.

And Gallup’s new likely voter model shows him either leading by 10 or by 6. But the story here is, once again, Obama is above 50%.

The details

As noted in Tuesday’s report, between 50% and 52% of registered voters have favored Obama in each Gallup Poll Daily tracking report since Oct. 4. Support for McCain has been a steady 41% to 43% across the same time period. Thus, although the gap between the two candidates has varied from seven to 11 points in recent days, the preferences of registered voters have, in fact, been quite stable, with Obama averaging a nine-point lead.

Today’s three-day rolling average, based on interviews conducted Oct. 11-13, includes two days of interviewing following last week’s steep drop in the stock market, and interviewing on Monday night after the Dow Jones Industrial Average surged a record 936 points. It is unclear from the individual days’ tracking results whether these contrasting events have had any immediate impact on voter preferences.

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