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Chuck Todd Talks Electoral Outlook

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NBC’s heir apparent breaks it down…

Todd thinks McCain has to find a way to disqualify Obama for president in the debate tonight. But folks, that’s an impossible task. How can you disqualify somebody for president in a debate?

So what Todd is really saying is McCain is all but done. He was saying very similar things about Hillary during her slow and steady decline, but, being a journalist, he can’t say “It’s over.”

Still, the most telling thing here is Obama only needs to carry one of the following states to win: Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Nevada, Florida, Colorado and Missouri.

That’s it. Just one of those states needs to flop and Obama is at the magic number.

Of note, Todd mentioned North Dakota and Arkansas as competitive. So maybe’s map isn’t that far off with North Dakota…although I still think they’re jumping the gun by making it barely lean towards Obama.

And Arkansas? Is that state really in the mix?

More as it develops…