Folks, I don’t care what you think about ACORN, but voter registration fraud is MUCH different that actually voter fraud.

Yes, you’ve seen the headlines saying Mickey Mouse registered to vote. And sure, it’s troubling that ACORN doesn’t have good quality control checks. However, does anybody think Mickey Mouse will actually be able to vote?

The answer of course is no, but that doesn’t stop McCain from trying to throw the results of the election into doubt 3 weeks beforehand…

McCain knows what he’s doing. He knows the difference between voter registration fraud and voter fraud. And yet he’s trying to tie the activities of ACORN to Obama and saying they have some sort of conspiratorial relationship. What’s more, Palin has been on the campaign trail saying that Obama needs to rein ACORN in, again making it seem like Obama somehow runs ACORN because he was once a community organizer.

Well, why not John McCain? After all, he has a relationship with ACORN too.

Here’s McCain in 2006 at an ACORN rally commending their work.

Quote from the video: “What makes American special is what’s in this room tonight.”

So make of that what you will. It certainly doesn’t excuse the lack of oversight by ACORN, but it also makes McCain’s accusations paper thin and intellectually dishonest.

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