Obama – 50%
McCain – 45%

Again, no change today, as the final debate is upon us.

With a strong showing tonight, Obama could literally seal the deal. Likewise, if McCain is able to plant seeds of doubt, we could see a slight swing back to him, although he’d have to land a couple really devastating blows at this point.

One thing’s for sure…tonight’s debate is all about the undecided voter…

For McCain, the encouraging news comes from core supporters—those who are certain how they will vote and that they will not change their mind. Just 42% are certain they will vote for Obama while 40% say the same about McCain. That two-point gap is much closer than the overall numbers. It’s also much closer than the 45% to 38% advantage among core supporters enjoyed by Obama heading into the second Presidential Debate last week.

Overall, 12% of voters remain persuadables who favor one candidate or the other but could change their mind. Those, plus the 3% who remain undecided, are the target audience for both candidates in tonight’s debate.

The 5 day:
10/15/2008: McCain – 45%, Obama – 50%
10/14/2008: McCain – 45%, Obama – 50%
10/13/2008: McCain – 45%, Obama – 50%
10/12/2008: McCain – 45%, Obama – 51%
10/11/2008: McCain – 45%, Obama – 52%

More tomorrow…

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