Spring Awakening is one of the best musicals on Broadway. This winner of 8 Tony Awards (including best musical of the year) treats the Musical genre like a High School student treats a Summer vacation. This musical is Wild. I was fortunate enough to attend the opening of Spring Awakening at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle last night. Thank you Julie and also thank you Darnell (aka girl about town)!

The explicit content is not appropriate for little children but it is absolutely vital to the telling of this story. Frankly, if you’re a young adult, it’s an event you won’t want to miss. The story is set in 1891 Germany and as usual, it’s the youth bringing the truth!

The Youth is of course the tour cast members which included Kyle Riabko, Anthony Lee Medina, Julie Benko, Christy Altomare, Lucas Wells, Claire Sparks and Blake Bashoff who along with the rest of the cast delivered a frank social commentary about a society view of Sex, Youth, Religion and Discourse. The entire cast was brilliant. The Truth came from this cast of teens who expressed their vulnerabilities, excitement and utter confusion of the changes that were taking place in their lives! This production was fun and it was funny but it was also very serious about certain things. It’s was a rare insight to the views of an otherwise silent group of people that represent our future. It was awesome!

Lucas A Wells and Julie Benko

The soundtrack to this musical was great. There were songs that could easily be on KEXP if they aren’t already. Well written songs with a killer band/orchestra. There was so much to rave about but I will end this by telling you that the stage also took a cutting edge view that clearly pays off. Part of the audience was literally on the stage.

The fans gather outside after the show waiting to see the stars

When Spring Awakening hits your town, you should see this!

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