That’s the buzz from the NY Times:

The huge gap has been made possible by Mr. Obama’s decision to opt out of the federal campaign finance system, which gives presidential nominees $84 million in public money and prohibits them from spending any amount above that from their party convention to Election Day. Mr. McCain is participating in the system. Mr. Obama, who at one point promised to participate in it as well, is expected to announce in the next few days that he raised more than $100 million in September, a figure that would shatter fund-raising records.


There’s no doubt about it, Obama has changed the game and now pretty much owns the Democrat party since he holds the keys to that massive money-raising list.

And this could be important, because what he’ll need to do if he becomes President is keep his party in check so they don’t overreach. What better way to do that than to control the purse strings on a gigantic pot of money?

More as it develops…

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