Part of me understands, but another part of me finds this to be disingenuous.

She had two tough interviews and she basically botched both of them. And conservatives weren’t too terribly impressed with the Hannity interview, and she couldn’t have been in a friendlier place.

In any event, Fred Barnes has the story…

In the weeks after the convention, she was limited to two major TV interviews. When she did poorly in one–the Katie Couric interview–Democrats and hostile columnists unloaded, calling her unqualified to be vice president. There was little contrary evidence in the press by which to judge her or defend her.

I asked Palin whether she’d do things differently if she could repeat those weeks. She answered by silently mouthing “yes.” When two aides–we were on a McCain-Palin bus with staff and security–said “yes” aloud, she chimed in, “Yes?? ??yes, yes, yes.”

The alternative would have been what she’s doing now: three or four talk radio shows a day, plus interviews on local TV and cable news, appearances on some national shows such as Saturday Night Live, and chats with local print reporters and a few national political writers.

I’m still waiting for her to go on Meet The Press.

I’m not holding my breath.

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