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Why A Powell Endorsement Matters


He may or he may not, but Hotline talks specifically about why Colin could give Obama major cred…

If Powell, retired chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, does endorse, he blesses Obama as a capable leader who is able to manage critical national security and foreign policy matters. Though his push for the Iraq war somewhat tarnished his stellar reputation as a respected military man, Powell, who served three Republican presidents, remains popular. His support for Obama could sway moderates, males, in particular, and working class whites who might be buying into the GOP’s line that Obama isn’t patriotic or American enough.

I speculated back in August that Powell’s thumbs up could have an enormous impact on this campaign, and I believe that more now than ever.

So why would he back Obama? Well, let’s look at the track record.

Obama has been able to secure major endorsements exactly when he needed them. Remember Bill Richardson’s in the primaries? Remember John Edwards’ vote of confidence in his pre-scandal days when his word actually meant something?

I think many, right or wrongly, are impressed with Obama’s demeanor, his organizational skills and his past judgments. On the flip side, people wonder why the McCain of old has vanished in favor of the disjointed, inconsistent attack dog we now see today.

Obviously, I certainly have my doubts that Powell will endorse anybody. He is, after all, a guy who has been very protective of his reputation. Otherwise he never would have gotten to the place he is today. But I think he also knows he could open up the floodgates for Obama, and that certainly has to be a tempting notion.

And, by the way, if the following story entitled, “Hip-Hop-Dancing Colin Powell Fuels Speculation He’ll Endorse Obama,” doesn’t prove that Fox News is the most ridiculous news organization around, I don’t know what will convince you…

Colin Powell has his dancing shoes on, fueling speculation that he’s gearing up to do the Obama Two-Step.

The normally staid former U.S. secretary of state and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff performed an impromptu hip-hop dance alongside well-known rap stars Tuesday following a speech at a festival in London celebrating African-American music and fashion.

His address at the “Africa Rising” celebration inside London’s Royal Albert Hall fueled speculation that an endorsement of Barack Obama is imminent.

Yes folks. Because he danced on a stage with rappers, he must be supporting Obama.