Looks like Sarah Palin was really good for fundraising.

But more than that…these are insane numbers. As I’ve said before, Obama has completely and forever changed the political game.

More from the WSJ:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama announced early Sunday that his campaign had raised more than $150 million in September, shattering the previous record he had set in August when he drew $66 million in contributions. […]

Sen. Obama has now raised more than $600 million total since launching his campaign in early 2007 — also a record for any presidential candidate. […]

In a press release, the Obama campaign said that the campaign in September “added 632,000 new donors for a total 3.1 million donors to date.” The statement added: “The average donation for the month was less than $100. The average contribution for the campaign is $86.”

Now, I do expect the attacks from the right wing to start stepping up immediately. It’ll be all about donation fraud and how not taking public financing is anti-American.

But smart Republicans will see the opportunities.

We shall see…

Well, no sooner did I post, did I find Patrick Ruffini confirming my prediction about smart Republicans…

Public finance in the general election is dead, dead, dead. Any nominee from now on can safely opt out because the Internet makes it for the public to massively participate. If we had not had a nominee with such misguided instincts on campaign finance reform, Republicans probably would have figured this out this time.

McCain raised $47 million in August, or 71% of Obama’s total, and he raised $10 million in 2 days because of Sarah Palin. Had this trend continued into September, McCain would have raised over $100 million for the month. By the time the McCain campaign figured out it was possible to excite the base, it was too late.

The game has changed. It started in 2004 with Howard Dean and Obama has effectively finished it.

On the other hand…

McCain, reacting to Obama’s announcement, raised the potential of fundraising abuses given the amount taken in by the Democrat.

“History shows us where unlimited amounts of money are in political campaigns, it leads to scandal,” McCain said on “Fox News Sunday.”

How disappointing to have this come from McCain himself.

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