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McCain Needs Stronger Message on Taxes


I’ve been hard on Barack Obama’s tax plan. But I wish John McCain would stop referring to the Obama plan as socialist. It’s not bold enough or broad enough to be considered socialist. You want socialism, check out the $700 billion bank bailout. Of course, both candidates voted for that.

McCain, for all his independent leanings, has had an aversion to discussing issues on their true merits. Calling something “socialist” is as helpful as calling it “yucky.” It’s a pejorative without a concrete definition. If McCain wants to make taxes the issue that will propel him over Obama, he needs to explain why the Obama plan is a bad long-term solution and how his own plan is not only better for the wealthy but will help the less well-off lift themselves up.

And he needs to leave the “trickledown” at home. We need to be creating opportunity through systems of loans, retraining, relocation help, etc. Just waiting for the money to rain down is not a solution for the modern era. Obama, for all the faults of his plan, is at least addressing modern problems. McCain is just addressing his base. Give us some straight talk, senator. Stop it with the lazy attacks.