12 days till it’s over, and the numbers keep looking more and more favorable for Obama.

Florida: Obama +5
Obama 49%
McCain 44%

Ohio: Obama + 14
Obama 52%
McCain 38%

Pennsylvania: Obama +13
Obama 53%
McCain 40%

The biggest surprise here is Ohio, which I think is much closer than this 14% spread. In fact, I’d be surprised if Obama takes it this time around.

But maybe this has something to do with the numbers in Ohio…

Bush’s Approval Ratings
Florida: 27% approve, 66% disapprove
Ohio: 22% approve, 72% disapprove
Pennsylvania: 21% approve, 73% disapprove

Like it or not, this campaign is as much about rebuking Bush’s policies as they are affirming Obama’s message. But that may be enough for a landslide.

Politics Quinnipiac: Obama Leads In Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania