The Produkt family throws a big crazy dance party the last Friday of every month at The REBAR called Analog, and this October the lineup is sweet, the candy corn is sticky, and there are tons of reasons you should come out and get down this Friday night! Here are my top 15:

1. It’s a Masquerade Ball! Guests are encouraged to wear all black and a mask. You know what happens when people wear masks, right? Things can get a little nutty.

2. Sonny Chiba will be throwing electro from his fingers; this well-known and most-loved DJ has just a tiny bit of experience at these so-called “dance parties” 

3. Goner, aka the birthday boy is an up-and-comer in the impending inferno that is the Seattle techno scene. One to watch and not to miss.

4. Nordic Soul always delivers. It’s just that simple. Slick beats expertly mixed. You might recall a little party he threw last month called the Decibel Festival.

5. Noisemaker does what Noisemaker wants. Do you remember the last Analog that Noisemaker played? Yeah I thought so. 

6. LIVE ART with LIVE ARTIST Elizabeth. Live art + electronic music = vitamins for the soul

7. Produkt knows how to party. These cats are feral and one of the dopest, wackiest crews in Seattle. From kitchen sinks to impromtu underwear go-go guest dancers to body paint bikinis to orange cones to swords, they have more fun than anyone I know.

8. It’s Cassie’s birthday! Pressha is right: “CASSIE’S HOT!!!” And hot girls have hot friends, it’s a universal truth. And these hot chicks just happen to also be…

9. Produkt Go-Go Dancers! Mallory, Jess, Ashley, Asifa, Marni, Alex, Nefarious, Desiree- what go-go grab bag do we get this month? Any way you cut it, it’s a handful!

10. BECAUSE IT IS LATE OCTOBER and the usual feeling of mischief brought on by the dark of night is even MORE INTENSE this time of year and who knows what ghoulish spirits might be afoot or what may be lurking in the recesses of the evening to come and eat your soul…mwah ha ha ha!!!

10. Spirit Dancer.

11. REBAR is the dance club de la nuit and in this neighborhood you can get as loud and rambunctious as you want- plus there are lots of nooks around to sneak off to and curtains to get lost in. No one will know- you’re wearing a mask!

12. Matt Matsuda in full effect with his mad paparazzi skills documenting all the moments you won’t remember.

13. To get ready for the sweet afterhours going down with Nosaj Thing at 3AM- for venue info just ask around at Analog; I bet the blond chick going nuts at the front of the dance floor probably knows.

14. To drink and socialize, hel-lo.

15. TO GET DOWN! This is a dance party thrown by a dancing crew in a club that puts dancing first and is always one of my favorite nights of the month. Everyone is invited to join the party and celebrate life Produkt-style, so get your ass down to REBAR Friday night for Analog XV: Masquerade Ball!

Click here for more information about the Analog XV: Masquerade Ball. $5 Before 11PM, $7 After.

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