With the flood of new polls out in the past couple days showing Obama ahead everywhere…the electoral maps are looking the absolute worst they have ever been for McCain.

Seriously, take a look…

Electoral-Vote.com has Obama capturing 375 to McCain’s anemic 157. This is the highest and lowest totals they’ve had for each candidate since they started tracking this back in late June.

Then there’s FiveThirtyEight, which shows one of its highest margins for Obama in their tracking…

What’s more, check out their likely electoral vote distribution chart and note at the bottom where it’s most likely Obama will get between 375 and 380 EVs.

And Real Clear Politics? You guessed it…375 for Obama.

Is this how it’ll end up by election day? Well, it’s certainly a plausible scenario. I mean, look at the states he’d win. Does anybody think it’s impossible for him to win Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, Florida and North Carolina at this point? Especially with early voting among Democrats up by almost double?

So with the current mood of the electorate (specifically Republicans) at an all time low, I honestly don’t think we’ll be debating who will win on November 4th. Instead, we’ll be guessing by how much.

More as it develops…

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