As any of you who are news junkies already know, a story broke yesterday about a woman who was allegedly attacked by a Barack Obama supporter for having a McCain bumper sticker. She distributed pictures of herself with bruises and a letter “B” carved into her cheek.

Turns out, it’s a hoax.

This is not usually the kind of story I write about, but it seems to be leaking into the mainstream quickly and could become one of those distracting, last-minute conversation pieces. It shouldn’t be. But let’s get it out there because, God knows, we at Donklephant don’t want to lose our blog license for being the only blog not to write about this story.

If you want some solid coverage, head over to Hot Air. They’ve got all the pertinent bits.

Ed Morrissey cautioned from the beginning that Republicans shouldn’t use the attack to paint Obama supporters in a negative light, and added today:

“And let’s remember that even if the story had been true, it still didn’t say anything about Obama and the people who support him.”

I think it’s important to add that this hoax doesn’t say anything about McCain or the people who support him. This is clearly the act of an unstable woman who made some very poor decisions in order to get attention.

I hope she gets the help she needs.

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